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2020欧洲杯足球直播比分The Aeternitas Mega – the most complicated wristwatch in the world - is the pinnacle of success in the art of watchmaking in terms of complexity and complications. With 36 complications and 1’483 components, the Aeternitas Mega is a wonder of micro-mechanic and watchmaking know-how. Wholly manufactured in-house, each of the 1,483 components, was designed to give the watch an elegant design in the pure traditions of the old “cadraturiers” of the Vallée de Joux. The name of the Aeternitas comes from Latin and means eternity. It is in tribute to the eternal calendar in the Aeternitas Mega that follows a 1000-year cycle renewable to infinity.



2020欧洲杯足球直播比分The Revolution is a world premiere and one of the masterpiece of the Franck Muller collection. After years of development, Franck Muller revolutionized the watchmaking industry by making the very first tri-axial tourbillon in the world: the Revolution 3, an exceptional technical spectacle. This triple axis Tourbillon corrects the forces of gravity in all positions, contrary to a classic one which only compensates when the wristwatch is in vertical position. This stunning complication is the result of one of the most complex creations in Haute Horlogerie. To this masterpiece, we added a Perpetual Calendar, pushing this complication even further, the result being the Evolution 3-1.



This tourbillon, the fastest in the world, completes one rotation in only five seconds and is powered by nothing less than four barrels. It features an exclusive escapement mechanism that is completely reversed from a traditional one. This unique set up takes a lot more energy than a conventional tourbillon, and as such we were able to incorporate multiplying gears in the goingtrain to speed up the tourbillon without compromising the integrity of the balance. That is something that is created specific to this watch and is once again a demonstration of the incredible in-house capabilities of Franck Muller.



2020欧洲杯足球直播比分The Giga Tourbillon features the biggest tourbillon in the world ever seen in a wristwatch. This masterpiece embraces a 20 mm diameter tourbillon on the dial that occupies half of the watch. To power this huge tourbillon and to ensure the 9 days of power reserve, four barrels were necessary. Furthermore, creating the Giga Tourbillon involved great efforts to lighten everything very substantially, hence the use of materials such as titanium and bronze barium. The technical challenges were great and Franck Muller R&D department has drawn all its expertise to carry off this remarkable technical feat.



Franck Muller’s tourbillons are characterized by the use of a flying tourbillon design where the entire weight of the tourbillon is supported by the pinion of the cage. Thus, there is absolutely no upper bridge to obscure what is the most viewing pleasure in all of horlogerie. 



2020欧洲杯足球直播比分Franck Muller has revealed the Lady Tourbillon Automatic during its World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie in Monaco. The brand pays tribute to the Haute Horlogerie women lovers with a beautifully crafted automatic movement and an exquisite tourbillon that is the smallest in the world. 



With its mesmerizing mechanics, Franck Muller’s Perpetual Calendars perfectly combine ancestral tradition and great technique. Our Perpetual Calendars display the day, the date, the month, the leap years and the moon phase until the year 2100. Loyal to its reputation of Master of Complications, Franck Muller introduced the Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Bi-Retro, featuring a perpetual calendar, a chronograph and many retrograde indications, which bring life and emotions into the timepiece. Attention to detail and sense of perfection are perfectly demonstrated in these beautiful timepieces, thanks to their hand-crafted movements and breath-taking dials.



2020欧洲杯足球直播比分While keeping its very strong DNA, the Vanguard™ Tourbillon Skeleton provides a mesmerizing view on an in-house crafted mechanical treasure. The bridges hand-chamfered to perfection reveal the manufactured movement of the watch. The architectural and geometric open worked bridges have been designed for watch lovers to admire the mechanism in its entirety.



Franck Muller never ceases to amaze Haute Horlogerie lovers with spectacular creations. This one of a kind timepiece presents a Minute Repeater and a Tourbillon, the utmost complicated complications, a perfect delivery by Franck Muller. This accomplishment of Haute Horlogerie showcases Franck Muller taste for perfect craftsmanship.



The new Vanguard Gravity™ features a spectacular concept of tourbillon cage demonstrated by its innovative elliptical structure. Wholly in-house designed and manufactured, the bridge and the pillars of the tourbillon have been completely reinvented into an elliptical circle with a diameter of 21.2mm and an height of 7.7mm giving the timepiece a three dimensional aspect. Furthermore, an off-centered balance wheel of 14mm further characterizes this unique tourbillon. The Vanguard Gravity is a true symbol of technological avant-garde, teamed with the sporty Vanguard case, combining perfect lines while evoking the remarkable power of the Tourbillon.



Seeking perpetual innovation, Franck Muller unveils a distinctive masterpiece combining the classic round shape with the newly developed Gravity movement, a Franck Muller premiere: The Gravity Endurance. Engineered with a manual mechanical movement the Gravity Endurance evolves as it is introduced in a skeletonized version, combining cutting-edge technology with unique heritage.



The Vanguard™ collection is enriched with a new feminine interpretation, featuring dynamic details as well as elegant and sensual characteristics especially designed for women who have a taste for complications. The Vanguard Gravity™ Lady, keeps all of its excellence, the spectacular concept of tourbillon cage is demonstrated by its innovative elliptical structure, combining cutting-edge technology with unique heritage, allowing one to witness its dazzling mechanism.